Chosing Science At The Cost Of Religion

Chosing Science At The Cost Of Religion

Why people chose science at the cost of religion!? i think there are 4 basic reasons why and how it happened.

1. Science is based on systematic dealing of a subject. observation, experiments, results, analysis, postulation and theorisation are all involved in making a scientific reality. Science has proven itself to be most promising, in explaning the outer world in systematic, logical and comprehensible way. It is easily testifiable and easy to understand by an average person, on the other hand real belief in GOD really takes a thinking mind, though it’s very easy to find HIM (it’s only now i can say that after i have already found HIM):-), i really spent 100s if not thousands of my nights thinking about GOD.

2. Stubborn and unyielding Behavior of clergy in each religion against scientific facts, which caused people to believe that when one part of religion (as told by clergy, not actually) can be proven wrong by scientific exploration than other parts could also be wrong. Similarly, behavior of clergy with scientistific community, when revealed to general public, added fuel to fire and people got fed up.

3. Enlightenment, Economy and development: Following the scientific revolution, there came industrial revolution changing the status of average countrymen thence changing their faith about who provides for better means of life. a form of battle between science and religion, which was never called for, slowly created a sense that religion is backward and unable to provide with good chances and future and rational aproach.

4. The people who don’t like religion (may be because of responsibilities, duties or rituals, bindings etc etc) they need something to stick to, whether rational or irrational. They need something they can cling to against religion, so they get hold of science. These very people are the ones who have made and propagated, intentionally or unintentionally, science as a religion.

This is but a brief take on about sciences. I do love sciences and i am into it professionally, i only don’t like it when it crosses it’s own defined premises.

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