Faith & Violence

Faith & Violence

These are two very separate things: religion and God. Religion is based on faith. Without faith, religion is nothing but ancient stories. But hope is cardinal in faith, isn’t it? After all, faith is only necessary when we have no knowledge of the subject. We must be hopeful that what we believe is correct in order to have faith in it.

Except, in this case, the subject God can’t be verified true or false (according to how we verify anything we think we know). So then, we are faithful in something that we couldn’t possibly know. It doesn’t seem wrong though.

God is the highest good in every certified religion and that can’t be a bad thing to have faith in. This faith has billions of us following a catalog of religions with certainty. “How can another religion be true if mine is true?”

As human beings, we are imprisoned by our perception. Everything we experience, we experience through our perception. It is what makes us individual. Religion has its own prison of perception and it is called “culture”.

Culture is the mother of violence between nations. (If what I’m writing makes you feel defensive about your particular religion, then you understand the birth of this violence) None of us want to be wrong, so we assume that the other is. And when we are challenged in our beliefs, we rely on our faith for justification.

Challenges to our beliefs cause us to segregate. Segregation is violence. It is the result of disagreement. However, in this case we don’t disagree on something we actually know. Instead, we disagree on something we all have faith in. And we are so occupied with trying to disprove each other’s faith, we spend no time trying to prove our own. So then, forget God, lets be violent!

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