Four Whole-Body Activities for a Hyper Child to Practice Constraint

Four Whole-Body Activities for a Hyper Child to Practice Constraint

A motor-driven child, as hyper kids are often described, is one who cannot sit still for anything. Even if you bribe her with chocolate, her favorite toy or a trip to the ice cream shop. Nothing can calm her down. Fortunately, you can help her get the energy into the right activities and allow her to find rest at night when needed.

Activities For Children


Swimming is a great way to exert energy. Swimming uses the entire body, even the mind, and your child is entertained by the large amount of water in the pool. There are swimming teams for children of all ages, as long as they have learned to swim, so keeping a routine of the sport is simple. Constant activity at a scheduled time each week will give the child something to look forward to as well.

Karata & Yoga

Karate and yoga both provide an extensive workout, along with lessons in control and discipline. For a hyper child, nothing could be better. The long pauses in stances during yoga trains the body to be still and gain strength in muscle groups that are sometimes ignored by the child. Balance and coordination is also taught, thus helping the child learn restraint of their otherwise floppy limbs.

Team-based Sports

Boys and girls alike can benefit from a team sport. Not only are they taught to work together towards a common goal, but children learn to fine tone their gross motor skills. These skills, like kicking, catching and running are essential to the overall development of the child.


Girls can enjoy the art of dance instead of karate if they wish to learn balance and control in a more feminine environment. Little girls often like to be pretty and dress like princesses, so ballet, tap and jazz are perfect for the hyper little girl. They will learn to stretch their limbs, which releases stress, work as a team and perform in front of their parents and friends. Performing, of course, gives the child gratitude for which they will continue to work towards in a positive environment.

These children need to learn from social situations, mostly because school is too stressful for the hyper child to make friends, obtain control over their actions and learn how it feels to meet their goals through hard work.

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