Greydon Square – Atheist Rapper

Greydon Square – Atheist Rapper

In 2004, America became the battleground for a new strike out between atheists and Christians. Eddie Collins, aka Greydon Square, had returned from service in Iraq and had started to take up a rapping career. This was perfectly fine with everyone until they listened to the lyrics. No one seemed bothered by the fact that there was an Atheist rapping until he started rapping about atheism. When his lyrics hit the street, anyone who bought the CD could now learn about atheism and about its ideals.

Christians were the main ones up in arms over the new CD, titled Absolute, although it challenged all religion. He was challenged on TV shows, on radio shows, in papers, and was even verbally assaulted at a performance by a disgruntled Christian. But to each person who wishes to argue with him, he offers, as he says, a “rational response” as to his beliefs on religion and Christianity, which is something that he argues most Christians just cannot give.

But for those who are not aware of what atheism is, or exactly what it entails, I shall slide away from Greydon Square to discuss this controversial ideal. Atheism is not a religion; it is more of a philosophy. Atheists believe that there is not God, there is no higher power, and that religion is just a form of control.

This is not to be confused with Agnostics like myself, who believe that there could be a higher power, but it is beyond the power of the human mind to comprehend its existence, much less its purpose. Atheists believe that the world would be better off without religion. They also believe in other blasphemous ideas such as evolution. But Atheists are not shut out from the world.

They are intelligent people who do not stand ignorant in their ideas that there is no God, they simply ask for proof. But since religion is based more on belief in a God rather than proof of existence, this is a problem for Atheists. They are not the vile heretics that are always portrayed in the news. Instead, they only question that which is around them in order to become more knowledgeable. Atheists seek out information without the fear of or constraints of God’s Earth.

But now, in an age where Christianity is starting to feel its members slip through its fingers, and they are offering special lotteries for those who convert or are already Christian to remain, they see singers and rappers who speak of Atheism in musical form an abomination. It is these same people who have preached high above about the godliness of America and its liberties such as free speech that would desire to remove that freedom from those who question God such as Greydon Square, Bill Mahr, H.P. Lovecraft, Jamie Hyneman, and Sir Ian McKellen.

But it is neither the right of Christians, nor of other Americans to cast out the views of Atheists, or deprive them of their rights. They act as if they are truly afraid of Atheism being taught through music and they fear that those who listen to it will become Atheists themselves, which is absurd.

If the Christians have nothing to fear from Atheists, as they claim, they should allow Atheism to be used in any form, and not boycott every movie such as The Da Vinci Code and The Golden Compass, or music such as Greydon square. They should allow it be mainstream and teach against it, instead of doing as they are now and bringing more attention to the topic, and risk more and more people becoming Atheists just from interest in what all the commotion is about.

In the end, everyone needs to lighten up about religion. If religion allows free thought, then they should allow people to discuss Atheism. If Christianity encourages free speech, they shouldn’t be protesting every time an Atheist opens their mouth. Sure Greydon Square may rap about subjects that are controversial, but that is what the music industry is about. For years they have talked about controversies from anti-war to drugs to freedom from oppression to now Atheism.

This is nothing different, it is just a different group being attacked, and this group doesn’t want to be attacked. This group sees themselves as superior to Atheists, so when the Atheists ask them a question that they can’t answer, they get all defensive and call “heretic” and “blasphemy” until everyone’s ears bleed. In the end, they cannot stop people from exercising their freedom of speech even if they are Atheists.

And for the future of Christianity, they should stop making Atheism controversial since it is only making more people interested in finding out what it is and asking the questions that Christians cannot answer: What proof is there that God exists? What proof is there that the planet is only six thousand years old? And what proof is there that evolution is nothing more than the corrupted ideals of blasphemous Atheists who simply wish to undermine Christianity?

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