How to Combine Bedroom Furniture that Does Not Match

How to Combine Bedroom Furniture that Does Not Match

When my ex and I were first married and combined households we both had master bedroom furniture that we both loved and wanted to keep. The color and style was similar, but the furnishings did not match. I was determined to keep my favorite chest, dresser and bed frame, and we found a way to combine them all. My decorating experience and the desire to keep just about everything resulted in a master bedroom that looked professionally designed and creatively arranged. No one would have guessed that it was comprised of two different sets. Try these creative ways to combine bedroom furniture when it does not match, and successfully blend two households into a single stylish arrangement.

Combine Metal and Wood Furniture

When bedroom furnishings do not match, keep in mind that metal furniture can be effectively combined with wood. My king-size headboard and frame are gorgeous, and I wanted to keep it instead of using my husband’s bed just because it was part of a furniture set. We kept my bed with the gorgeous frame, and we chose to combine it with most of the other furnishings. Although it did not match anything, it went well with the other chests and dresser. It was better to combine my metal bed with wood than to combine his wooden bed with my chest and dresser. The bed is the third largest surface in a bedroom, and it will become the focal point of the space when beautifully embellished with stylish bedding and throw pillows.

Combine Matching Furnishings on Two Adjoining Walls

I had to get rid of my dresser since two mirrored dressers would certainly clash and look like far too much. To successfully combine two chests and a dresser that does not match one of them, place the two matching pieces on adjoining walls, and place the dresser in the center of a wall by itself. The bed can be centered on the last wall or placed diagonally in a corner. This is how I arranged my master bedroom when trying to combine furniture that did not match, and it looked great. With the two matching pieces in the same field of vision, it did not matter that other pieces were not part of the set. It was not possible to view them all together unless standing back, and when far enough back to see everything, the details and differences were not easy to perceive.

Place an Oddball Storage Chest in a Closet

If you end up with an oddball bedroom furnishing that does not coordinate at all with the other furniture or fit in the room, place it in a closet. It can still be used for storage. This is a great way to organize off-season clothes, and this is what I did with an oddball chest of drawers that would not combine well with the rest of our bedroom furnishings.

In addition to the aforementioned ways to combine bedroom furniture that does not match, apply something in common. Buy matching dresser scarves of the appropriate sizes, and place them on the chests and the dresser that does not match the rest of the furnishings. Giving them a common denominator will help when trying to visually combine the furnishings to create a single set. Matching tabletop lamps and works of tabletop art can also be used to create a connection and make what were once two rooms of bedroom furniture into a single coordinating arrangement.

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