How to Market Your Business in a Sweet Way

How to Market Your Business in a Sweet Way

One of the hardest aspects of running a business, whether you run a small home business or a major corporation, is finding unique and creative ways to market. Business cards are not always effective. Many cards just get tossed aside and people forget about them. The same applies to flyers and brochures. Although they are useful and do draw attention to your products and services, they are certainly not “unique” and do not make you stand out from the competition.

There are other promotional products you can use such as personalized pens, pencils, magnets, buttons and drinking cups. But often they are too expensive for the small business owner. Some businesses have gone these routes but are now in the market for something new and creative that will really make their business stand out.

The hottest trend in effective marketing materials today is personalized candy wrappers. They are inexpensive, fun, creative and will certainly grab a prospective customer’s attention. You also do not have to spend a fortune. Most personalized candy wrapper businesses have low and affordable minimums.

Almost any type of candy can be wrapped, from jumbo-sized bars to miniature chocolate bars and anything in between. Rolled candies and lollipops are also great with personalized wrappers.

Personalized candy wrappers can be created to your specifications, taking the size of the product into consideration. Your business logo, slogan, pictures and more can be turned into a candy wrapper. Often businesses like to have special discounts and coupons also incorporated into the candy wrapper, which would ensure that the customer will hold on to it long after the candy has been enjoyed.

Almost any business or organization can utilize candy wrappers to help market their business.

Here are a few examples:

  • Use as place cards at corporate events.
  • Use a wrapped candy with a discount coupon at grand openings.
  • Realtors can place a basket of wrapped miniatures in a nice basket at an open house.
  • Hotels and bed and breakfasts can use personalized candy on guest pillows, personalized with sweet sentiments.
  • Employers can use personalized wrapped jumbo chocolate bars for employee appreciation.
  • Politicians can hand them out during campaigns, personalized with key voting points.
  • Personalized wrapped candy can be used for fundraisers for clubs, churches, groups and more.
  • Actors/Actresses can hand them out at the end of an audition. That is sure to make a “sweet” impression.
  • DJ’s and bands who perform at weddings can keep a decorated basket filled with wrapped candies with their contact information on them for wedding guests to take.
  • Auto dealerships can give out a personalized chocolate bars with a coupon on them for a free oil change as a way of thanking new car buyers.
  • Gift baskets can be created with a mixed variety of personalized candies and given out to new homeowners or as “thank you” gifts to clients.When people think of personalized candy wrappers they usually think of them as party favors for weddings, showers, new baby announcements and for children’s birthdays. The truth is that personalized candy wrappers are great for a wide variety of reasons and occasions.
  • People love candy, and you will be sure to make a “sweet” impression on potential customers when you hand them candy with a wrapper created just for you and your business.

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