Is Scientology Religion Or Business?

Is Scientology Religion Or Business?

There may not be a more interesting religion in the world than Scientology. Learning about this religion could prove to be nearly impossible, and there are many reasons why. Scientology is a religion developed by a science fiction author, Ron Hubbard. That in itself makes Scientology a religion that is mostly chastised and criticized more than any other on Earth.

Scientology beliefs are very difficult to convey in a paper, and very difficult to understand. Many former members of Scientology claim that the religion is in fact a cult that is like a corporation, that is to say they exploit their members. Scientology attracts some rather big Hollywood stars to the religion, such as Tom Cruise.

In my personal opinion I find it amazing that people will eat this type of religion up. Many people fall for cults or believe in cults and give all of their life savings to that particular movement, only to find in the end it is the very opposite of what it preached from the beginning.

I believe people in the world view these new-movement religions as preposterous. Many people may question how a science-fiction author penned a religion to become of existence in the modern-era. Especially in the United States where the majority of the population is Protestant. Anything less than Protestant is simply viewed as barbaric and could not be right.

This is a religion that seems very closed to the outer-world and very closed to the majority of the population. So closed that if we in fact wanted to learn more about the religion how would we possibly go about doing it? There are not very many Scientology churches scattered across the United States, and with a religion that is so new, how is one to know exactly what the teachings are and how to visit this church.

Another big complaint against this church is that it is viewed as a conglomerate company. Scientology has many real estate ventures and thanks to governments it has been granted tax-exempt status. Thus, it is required to pay no property taxes, or taxes of any kind on the real estate property it holds.

The church is essentially run as a business. To take many of the religious courses and continue to learn about the religion one is required to pay tens of thousands of dollars to take these courses.

Members are paid commissions for bringing in new members to the Church of Scientology because it is a never-ending cycle of people giving money to the church. Multiple governments across the world have ruled that Scientology is indeed a sect, or a cult and recommend that the teachings of Scientology be prohibited in their countries.

I think there are many reasons why people are so strongly against new religions such as Scientology and Mormonism. These religions seem very foreign and distant to the majority of us and the majority of our population and thus we are relatively uneducated on these churches.

We hold stereotypes and ideas about what they stand for but because they are so closed off to the regular public we are unaware of the true teachings of them. Our inability to understand these religions leads us to question their teachings and very existence.

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