Linking Christianity And Judaism Through Jesus

Linking Christianity And Judaism Through Jesus

Why does the story of Jesus, and thus Christianity as we know it today, begin with a common jewish family? As an outsider looking in on the mystical and seemingly endless controversial world of religion this is perhaps the most prominent question of the thousands that I have and will probably never fully understand.

I think it’s fair to say that I’ll never understand these things because I whole-heartedly believe that most people don’t understand their own religions entirely – even the most devout followers. And, this is why it is important we continue to examine the links between two of the most powerful religions on earth and consequently the same two that continuously emerge on the darkest, bloodiest of batlefields.

To start we’ll look at Judaism and its view on Jesus. Much to my chagrin it appears they look at JC in almost the same light as I do. As a man. Jesus was a Jewish leader who angered the Romans with his controversial methods and was therefore arrested and condemned to death by the most powerful civilization of that era.

It doesn’t sound too far off the mark to recognize that Jesus was a human and a leader at the same time. A leader who evoked questions and encouraged people to think, which in turn upset those in power and inevitably led to his enhilation.

The Christians look at Jesus as both the son of God and God the son. Being that the Romans were Christians they had to justify the execution of JC. And from what I can tell it goes something like this: The Christians felt threatened by Jesus and therefore wanted him dead.

So they nailed him to the crucifx and made him into a martyr but they spun it around in a way that helped their cause. You see, Christians believe that people are by nature sinful. And since they thought Jesus was the son of God somehow it made it all right to kill him because his sacrifice paid the debts of all humanity. And the sooner you accept this, the sooner you will be washed free of your sins.

As you can see there’s always room for interpretation when dealing with religion. ANd if there wasn’t there would be no reason for war so if I haven’t offended you yet, keep reading.

One major, fundamental problem that I have with accepting the idea of Jesus being born by a virgin is just that: virgins don’t have babies. I know some might consider this blashpemy but who can disagree that there’s reason to speculate? I mean, it takes two to tango and thus two to make a child.

Was Mary really so innocent? Was she really a virgin? or did she just not want to break the bad news to Joseph? One must consider that back in the day the punishment for an unmarried woman who willfully had sex with another man other than her fiancee was death by stoning. Knowing this I wouldn’t blame Mary for not coming clean. It’s very likely that she was just saving her own skin.

Of course, If this were the case I’m sure she never in her wildest dreams fathomed the consequences of her white lie.

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