Making Easter Memorable Without Religion

Making Easter Memorable Without Religion

We are all familiar with Easter being a religious holiday but not being overly religious doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the occasion. My family wasn’t particularly religious growing up and I don’t, and won’t, push religion on my children. Of course, I will certainly encourage my children to pursue whatever their religious interests are when they are old enough to understand it.

My earliest memories of Easter are probably quite similar to most children – Easter dinner, dressy outfits, Easter egg hunts, and of course the Easter bunny. The point is that is isn’t how you celebrate Easter but rather it’s what you do to make it memorable.

Now that I have 2 children of my own I take care to make sure that every holiday, every event, is something that they can remember. It doesn’t have to be costly or over the top but it should be something that they can look back on fondly. As for Easter, we have a family tradition of having a pancake breakfast followed by an Easter egg hunt.

My son knows that it is Easter when he wakes up to an Easter egg just outside of his door. We then follow the eggs down to the kitchen and prepare a family breakfast before going out to find Easter eggs. If the weather is rainy, and it has been before, we hide our eggs inside the house.

Holidays, whatever your religion, should be about celebrating family. Make a point to do something with your family on Easter, create a lasting memory or tradition that you can look forward to year after year. Memories are something that we can’t replace and stay with us forever. Make the the best memories you can!

When my children are old enough to grasp religion and show an interest in it I will certainly encourage them to pursue an interest. If your children are old enough to ask questions about Easter and the meaning of it then I say explain it to them. Children are smarter than we give them credit for and glossing over their questions or evading them will only serve to make your children wonder more or turn to other people for answers. For now, I plan to spend my holidays celebrating my family and I hope you will do the same.

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