Overview Of Hinduism

Overview Of Hinduism

Religion had a major influence on everything thousands of years ago in Ancient India. The dominant religion during this time was Hinduism. Hinduism is based on a class system called the caste system which puts everyone into a different social class.

The Hindus believed that after you died, you would be reincarnated or reborn and you would move up, down, or remain the same in the caste system depending on your karma from your previous life. Reincarnation made the caste system fair because you controlled where you would be placed in the caste system based on your karma from your previous life.

The caste system was a very well organized class system that was broken up into four categories. The groups, from the wealthiest to the poorest in the class system were the Brahmans (priests), Kshatriyes (warriors), Vaisyas (commoners), and Sudras (peasants). There was also a group so low that was not considered part of the system. These peoples were called the Pariahs (untouchables), who did the dirty jobs of the society they cleaned the streets and had to wear bells around their necks so people would know when they were near.

They were considered to be both spiritually unclean and physically unclean. People were not able to even look at them because of this. As you move up in the caste system, you have more rules to follow. The whole purpose of Hinduism is to stop reincarnation or the rebirth cycle and merge with Brahma. Brahma is the universal force of the universe.

Reincarnation makes the caste system fair for many reasons. One reason is because you are the only one responsible for your placement in the system. If you do bad things in your previous life, you may become an untouchable in your next life. If you get moved down in the cast system it’s because of your own bad fortune and wrong doings in your previous life.

It’s also very fair because lower class people such as untouchables have a chance to advance in the system if they do really good in their job and follow the rules of his/her class. Reincarnation gives everyone the chance to improve until the individual merges with their Brahma.

Reincarnation makes the caste system fair for many reasons. The Hindus believed you would keep reincarnating until you merged with Brahma. In my eyes if it weren’t for reincarnation, the caste system wouldn’t be fair.

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