The Four Possible Reasons For Life On Earth

The Four Possible Reasons For Life On Earth

No matter what religious view that you talk about, there are only four possible reasons for life on Earth. It does not matter if you talk about Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhist, Native American, atheist, ancient Greek, or druidic, these are the four fundamental reasons as to why there is life on Earth.

Service to the Gods

Historically, the most popular view as to why there is life on Earth is for service to the gods. Humans were created to make sure that certain rituals were performed to increase, or sustain, the power of the gods. If these rituals were to not be performed, the gods could lose power, or cease to exist all together. A perfect example of this belief was held by the ancient Egyptians.

Amusement of the Gods

This belief as to the reason of life on Earth is that we are all here simply for the amusement of the gods. We are their main point of entertainment. The gods make decisions about our lives either by slight intervention, or by full pre-scripting, and we are around to play out the consequences. The ancient Greeks commonly believed that we were here for the amusement of the gods, and their myths and overall pantheon reflected this.

Glorification of the Gods

This belief for the reasoning behind life on Earth is that we are here because the gods wanted to show how powerful they were. This belief pushes the ancient idea that creation is the ultimate sign of power. Many of the ancient Spartans believed that they were created for the glorification of some of the gods. This type of belief is synonymous with some of the more arrogant peoples throughout history.

Life is a Byproduct

According to this belief, life on Earth was the byproduct of some event in history. In Mesopotamia, the belief was that life sprouted after Marduk killed his mother Tiamat. All life sprouts from her life force. Most scientists would claim this belief as to the reason of life on Earth citing the Big Band (theory) and evolution.

Strangely enough, most modern organized religions argue amongst themselves as to which of these four reason make up their belief system. If you take Christianity, for example, one could argue over multiple beliefs that point to any one of these reasons for life on Earth. These arguments are not just from denomination to denomination, but from practitioner to practitioner.

Whatever you belief is about life on Earth, your arguments would fall under one of these categories. Keep in mind that no matter what your belief, it is reflective of the same types of beliefs that have been held by your ancestors thousands of years ago.

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