Views of The Major Religions on Coffee

Views of The Major Religions on Coffee

Religion is a very personal thing and most of us believe in some form of a higher being and perform rituals. What makes religion to be exact? Well, religion consists of worshiping, performing rituals and customs, and also it has a place of worship, like a shrine or temple or a sanctuary.

Coffee is not so different from that in many ways, for example, we all drink it every morning and some worship it, including me. I can’t imagine getting through a day without drinking a cup of joe. Also, it has its rituals and customs such as making a cup of coffee, or as some prefer lighting a cigarette with it or having a cake. Place of ritual we got that covered as well, coffee shops or your kitchen where you store your coffee machines and other accessories.

But how do the major religions look at it, let’s see?
Let’s start with Christianity. While there is no biblical source speaking on coffee, so it is not forbidden at all.

But I can also add up saying that even Popes have drunk coffee in their lives and have even baptized it. If you have ever gone to church or any church meeting or something similar you will see coffee looms. In many Christian western cultures, the death of a person is mourned by drinking coffee and eating cake, so I can say that it really ties up there.

Let’s move to Islam, which is the religion that has invented and started brewing coffee from the 13th century and forth to our present day. It was discovered in Ethiopia by Sheik Abu’l Hasan ‘Ali ibn Uma, and he brought it back to Yemen and it became extremely popular in a very short time since it provided wakefulness for the late prayers. Also, coffee is consumed every day in Islamic households, and also in some religious gatherings and even mosques. From there it blew and it became one of the most popular drinks on the planet.

Judaism is our final stop. I have to say that Judaism and Islam are pretty similar religions, and they were used for the same purposes initially to provide wakefulness for late-night prayers. On top of that coffee is deemed kosher in Judaism. Also, most of the major traders that have brought coffee into Europe and America were Jewish mostly so there is that.

As you can see every religion has some sort of connection with coffee, and coffee is some kind of religion itself. Nowadays, coffee has been modernised and became available anywhere, in many forms. Most people use latte Nespresso capsules and automated coffee machines which lets them make coffee in less than 2 minutes.

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